Our farmers


The Best of Everything

Our fresh sweet and crunchy Carrots come from Simon and Jonathan Pearce in Norfolk, because their fields are blessed with naturally fertile soils. And our specialist grower in Wiltshire provides us with the best Chestnut Mushrooms you could ever eat, thanks to their unique compost made from recycled farm waste. When it comes to Peas, we couldn’t get any better than the ones from Neil Cranston in and his team in East Anglia: in order to keep them tender and juicy, his team picks the peas from the field and takes them to be individually frozen within two hours of harvesting. (Frozen peas always taste better – and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!) All our ingredients are sourced like this: from carefully selected producers who understand the importance of high-quality seasonal food that’s farmed in a sustainable way.

Proud to be WONKY

When vegetables like Carrots, Sweet Potatoes and Onions don’t look perfect and beautiful, retailers don’t want them – and it’s estimated that between 5% and 25% of any fruit or vegetable crop won’t get through the supply chain to retail customers as a result. It’s hugely costly to both farmers and the environment – not to mention wasteful – so we decided to buy them up instead! After all, these wonky, knobbly and charming ingredients may not win any beauty contests, but they taste just as delicious as their supermarket counterparts – and no one can tell what they look like once they’re inside our scrumptious soups and risottos anyway!

Transparency? A window has got nothing on us

All our farmers conform to strict UK and EU guidelines that ensure everything they produce is environmentally friendly, sustainable and kind (you won’t find any inhumanely treated chickens on our watch). Much of our produce comes from within the UK. Whenever we go beyond our borders for ingredients, it’s for good reason – and we adhere to the same super-strict guidelines on quality and sustainability. Take rice: we use Italian Carnaroli Risotto Rice because it has a sublime consistency, texture and flavour, and it can withstand being cooked twice (once by us, once by you). We can’t find an equivalent rice in the UK, but we buy direct from an Italian farm that matches our standards and ethics.

The proof is in the Red Tractor logo!

Red Tractor is the UK’s biggest farm and food standards scheme, and its logo can be found on food products that have been proven to conform to strict standards relating to food safety, animal welfare, traceability and environmental protection. Our [Perfect Pea & Fresh Mint Soup] is the first of our products to gain the coveted logo, and we’re looking forward to adding a few more tractors to our other products in future!