Get to know Watmuff
Watmuff inherited his love of UK farming from his hero – his grandfather. Grandpa Rob ran his own farm in Northumberland with immense pride, growing an assortment of tasty produce to provide for his family. With a family history in farming combined with impressive knowledge of retail and branding (thanks to a university degree that came in far more handy than he imagined), Watmuff can focus on logistics and ingredient quality while Beckett busies himself in the kitchen.
His favourite product is
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Perfect Pea & Fresh Mint Soup
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British-grown food: too delicious to ignore

The two of us are ridiculously proud of British-farmed food, and we’ve made it our mission to get more people eating and enjoying it. Food simply tastes better when it’s fresher – especially when it’s been grown and reared on land that is naturally fertile. Also, of course, there’s the extra benefit that eating regional produce saves the world a few thousand air miles at a time.

And that’s why we created our range of soups and risottos: to provide you with delicious, healthy British food and show what our farmers are capable of.

Find out more about the farms we work with.

Heat & eat. That’s it!

Rather than give you the raw ingredients and instruct you to go off and make a filling, nutritious meal with all of those five minutes you have to spare, we’ve done the prep work and cooking for you.

Sweet Garden Peas, silky Butternut Squash, nutty Sweet Potatoes, smoky Ham Hock and so much more have been crammed inside our various soups and risottos, sprinkled with love (AKA herbs and seasoning), and stuffed into convenient pots – ready for you to heat up while at work or after a hectic day of running around.

… Created by a pair of childhood friends who are obsessed with good food (and where it comes from)

The other kids at our school were all about sports, computer games and bunking off lessons, but our own interests were rather… different. Andrew Watmuff (him on the left) loved nothing more than getting his hands dirty on the family’s vegetable farm, while Michael Beckett (on the right, with the ridiculously sized spoon) fared little better when it came to street cred: he loved cooking to the point of obsession.

We went our separate ways after school – Watmuff to university to study retail (followed by a career in fashion), and Beckett to catering college (and then five years as a chef). We stayed in touch the entire time, and by 2007 we decided it was time to combine passions and set up our own food company.

Today, Watmuff & Beckett is everything we hoped it would be, and we get to spend every day doing what we love: sourcing UK produce, turning it into scrumptious and convenient meals, and allowing people around the country to enjoy our creations.

Get to know Michael
“Perfectionist” should be Michael Beckett’s middle name. (Instead, it’s James, but never mind.) Beckett is the kind of chef who’ll play around with ingredients and flavours until the final dish tastes “absolutely wonderful” – and then he’ll spend another few years (no exaggeration) making sure it can’t possibly get any better. Before joining forces with Watmuff, Michelin-trained Beckett worked as a private chef – which on occasion saw him cooking for the refined palates of Famous Celebrities and Royalty, among others.
His favourite product is
Ham Hock & Garden Pea Risotto